Meier Drainage Services



What is field tiling?

  • When a field gets tiled, a network of perforated tubes are installed 3 to 5 feet below the soil surface. These tubes are installed in a specifically designed system or a random pattern for specific wet areas. Then, when the water table in the soil is higher than the tile, water flows into the tubing and drains to a designated outlet.


Why do I need tile?

  • You may have low spots or depressions. This is leading to loss of soil nutrients.
  • Your field will dry out more evenly.
  • Since the ground is drier, there is less wheel slippage, leading to less fuel consumption by machinery.
  • The amount of time that surface water is on top of the ground decreases, meaning crops are less likely to be drowned out and destroyed.
  • Plants are more likely to survive during drought seasons due to deeper root growth.
  • Ground compaction decreases.
  • The need for lime and fertilizer decreases after installation of field tile.
  • Earlier and more consistent planting can be done.
  • Yields may increase up to 20%.
  • Pattern tiled ground will increase your land value. 


If I get my field tiled, will I receive a tax deduction?  

  • Your tiled field can be depreciated over 7 years or filed under Section 179 if the law allows. Overall, a tiled field is a 40 year investment that pays for itself by increasing crop yield while decreasing input costs.


What services do you offer?

  • We do more than tile your field. We offer surface drainage, land clearing, ditch cleaning, and drainage structures. Our machines are GPS controlled and have auto steer, so projects can be completed more efficiently.


What is included in the cost?

  • There will be no surprises or hidden costs when you tile your field with us. Included in our per foot costs are all design work, materials, labor, connections, repairs, tile locating, and final tile maps.

They did a great job tiling my fields. Worked Saturdays and Sundays, daylight until dark and until my job was finished. I would have them tile for me any time and recommend them for everyone to use. They're the nicest people to work with and they stand behind their work. They do not mess around."

- Dwaine Verbeck, Annawan, IL