Meier Drainage Services
Our Crew Gets to Work Tiling For Clients in All Weather ConditionsWe Use a State of the Art Trimble GPS System to Map Out Your Field

Premier Field Tiling


Meier Drainage Services is a premier field tiling company serving all of eastern Iowa, and western Illinois, primarily  Henry, Rock Island, Mercer, and Whiteside counties. Our mission is to educate farmers about field tiling and drainage while providing the best service possible. When it comes to equipment, we use the best of the best. We are the only company in the area that owns a Bron 550 Cantilever Plow, which is designed to more efficiently and quickly install 4" – 15" tile sizes. In addition, we also use the 3035T Inter-drain Chain Trencher, which, in the case that existing tile is hit, we can see and repair it easier compared to a traditional plow.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and keeping every farmer who walks through our door informed and educated throughout the entire field tiling process. With the rising cost of farm ground and falling grain prices, increased crop yield is more important now than ever. It is not uncommon for our clients to see a 20% increase in crop yield after installing field tile. A 40-year payoff, decrease in input costs, and increase in crop yield are all the benefits of a new draingage system from Meier Drainage Services, where quality and affordability meet.

"Meier Drainage Services have tiled for me multiple times and I have no complaints with their work. Definite hard workers with great quality of work. Pricing is as competitive as they come. Their work is second to none and they are completely reliable."

- Dave Nelson, Osco, IL