Meier Drainage Services

About Us


At Meier Drainage Services, our skilled field tiling techniques combined with over ten years of experience make us well-equipped to meet your drainage needs. In addition to field tiling, we also offer trucking, concrete work, excavating, land clearing, dirt moving, ditch cleaning, waterways, and drainage structures. 

Our Inter-Drain 3035T Chain trencher and our Bron 550 tile plow function to make your tiling experience profitable for 40 years to come.


Trencher (Chain Trencher – Inter-drain 3035T)

The Inter-drain 3035T installs 4" – 15" tile sizes with state of the art GPS controlled accuracy.  When the trencher is used we can physically see existing tile and address how to repair, or eliminate it. The trencher is used primarily for random tile systems, but it can also be used for pattern tiling. See the pictures below for a closer look at the Inter-drain 3035T.


Side view of our Chain Trencher Inter-drain 3035T Close up of the Chain Trencher Inter-drain 3035T at workA Distance view of the Chain Trencher Inter-drain 3035T


Plow (550 Bron)

The 550 Bron Plow also installs 4" – 15" tile sizes with state of the art GPS controlled accuracy. It is a self-contained commercial tile plow with the ability to install with the same accuracy as a trencher. The 550 Bron is effective because it completes 3-4 times the work compared to a trencher-style machine, which makes this, the machine of choice for making large tile systems more affordable.  This machine is designed to correctly and accurately do the job of tiling compared to add on or pull type tile plows. We have the biggest size available, which reduces overall cost and installation time.



I would highly recommend Meier Construction for farm drainage design, and installation. They are very professional and concerned about the customers needs and satisfaction. They made sure we were happy with everything before the job was finished.

- Curt Jacobs, Geneseo, IL.